Torsion Test Toothbrush Head

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Prüfung Test Equipment Mundpflege Zahnbürsten Interdentalbürsten Zahnseide Dentalwerkstoffe Dentalinstrumente Brillen Spritzen Oral Care Prüfung Test Equipment Zahnbürste Zahnnseide Dental Material Joachim Wilhelm Engineering

- Simple, intuitive operation through procedure
  templates, minimum Operator training
- Dust and splash-proof touchscreen
- Documented exporting the resulting data with test
  parameters and details to samples on
  USB in CSV format
- Two user access levels: supervisor and operator.
  Access level can be protected with a password
- Independent, fully operational system,
  requires no computer and no software installation
- EN ISO 13849-1 Kategorie 3 und PL d.


This test stand is used to test the fatigue of toothbrush head and neck by twisting the toothbrush. The toothbrush head is clamped between two parallel jaws. The handle is clamped in a 6-square-terminal and deflected oscillating at a defined angle. The angle can be adjusted in four stages.
The number of deflection (cycles) can be predefined. A proximity sensor detects the number of cycles.
The test device is dimensioned to 4.8 or 16 test stations.

The device works with a touch screen. A user-friendly interface allows you to enter data, the control of the measurement, as well as setting the ini file. The input of product information (type, production date, etc.) allow the storage of product-related results.
The data in a CSV - file will be saved. The storage path is freely selectable (including network). All data can be transferred to a memory card.


Dimension (W,D,H) ca. 1000, 630, 1320 mm
Weight ca. 65 kg
Number of Stations 4 / 8 / 16
Frequency 1,5 Hz
Power 115/230 (50/60 Hz)



Test Device   4 Stationen         318-004      10.702,- €
Test Device   8 Stationen         318-008      12.305,- €
Test Device  16 Stationen        318-016      16.107,-€

Scope of Delivery

1 Basic Equipment
1 Power Cable CEE 16A (5 m)
1 Cabinet key
2 Allen Key
1 Operating Instructions

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