Temperatur Cycle Test

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- Simple, intuitive operation through  procedure templates, minimum
  Operator training
- Dust and splash-proof touchscreen
- Modern Design & Technology: linear guidance technology with stepper
  motor ensure high precision in distance and speed
- Documented exporting the resulting data with test parameters and details
  to samples on USB in CSV format
- Two user access levels: supervisor and operator.
  Access level can be protected with a password
- Independent, fully operational system,
  requires no computer and no software installation


This device simulate a artificial aging of dental samples by a temperature cycling test. For this, the sample is immersed with a sample basket alternately in a hot water bath and a cold water bath. The typical use in the field of dental research is the implementation of aging simulations of dental implants. The device contain a SPS control, a keypad to enter the test parameters and a display for indicating the current cycle number and remaining time. Immersion times, dripping and number of cycles cCan be adjusted. The machine is completely made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion. The end position after the test can be adjusted (cold/hot bath, air). Different processes can be saved.


Dimension (W, D, H) ca.   500, 500,450 mm
Weight   15 kg (without bathes)
Immersion Time    Hot Bath 0-999 sec.
  Cold Bath 0-999 sec.
  Drip Time 0-999 sec.
allowable Sample Mass ca.   300g
Mesh sample basket   10x10x10cm
Number of Cycles   1 bis 2.000.000
Power Supply   115/230 (50/60 Hz),max. 60W


Spezification Cold Bath

Cooling Power   200W
Temperatur Range   -5°C bis 100°C
Capacity   11 - 15 Liter
Dimension: ca.   W273,H711,D483mm
Weight   40kg
Power Supply:   230V~, 500W

Spezification Hot Bath

Heating Power   2kW
Temperatur Range   25°C bis 100°C
Capacity   8 - 15 Liter
Dimension: ca.   B381x,H457,T456mm
Weight   14kg
Power Supply   230V~, 2kW


Test Device   413-010   15.375,-€
Balls   413-030    


Scope of Delivery


1   swivel device with control and sample basket
1   Heating Bath with thermostat
1   Cold bath with thermostat and immersion cooler
1   compensation tube between baths
100 Balls (100 pcs Ø20mm per bath) against evaporation
1   Operating Instructions
3   Power Cord CEE 16A (5 m)



automatic Refill      412-100

Conditions of Delivery

Delivery: EXW
Shipping time: by arrangement

Technical changes reserved.

The illustrations may differ from the actual equipment.

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