Denture Adhesives Test

ISO 10873

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- simple, intuitive operation through procedure templates, minimum
  operator training
- dust and splash-proof touchscreen
- modern design & technology: linear guidance technology
  with stepper motor ensure high precision in distance and speed
- documented exporting the resulting data with test parameters and details
  to samples on USB in CSV format
- independent, fully operational system,
  requires no computer and no software installation


The ISO 10873 describes methods for testing the adhesion and consistency of denture adhesives.

The denture adhesive it put between two plates consist of polymethylmethacrylate and the specimens close at a crosshead speed of 5 mm / min. The sample is load with 9.8 N for 30 s. The test specimens are pulled apart and the max. force is measured. The adhesive strength is calculated as force per unit area and must above 50 kPa.
This investigation is carried out
fully automatic and calculated from the maximum tensile adhesion in kPa.
The test can be selected with the keypad for the adhesive type: Class 1: powder, Class 2: cream. Furthermore, the cross-head speed and load period can be adjusted. The automation of the test sequence and the functional structure of the software allows an easy operation. This reduce the user impact and improve the reproducibility of the results.


The test force is generated by a weight. We are also produce different weights for different test loads for you.


Load   10 N +-0,2 N (optional 5-20 N)
Speed   1 – 10 mm/min
Load max.   20 N
Dimension (W,D,H)   ca. 250, 250, 350 mm
Weight   25 kg
Power Supply   115/230 (50/60 Hz)


Adhesion Test:    
Test Device   422-010
Pressure-sensitive Shaft   422-020
Sample Holder I   422-030
Sample Holder II   422-040
Consistency Test::    
Pressure-sensitive Shaft   422-050
poly (methyl methacrylate) plate (PMMA)   422-060


Scope of Delivery

Adhesion Test:
1   Test Device
10  pressure-sensitive Shaft
10  sample holder I
10  sample holder II

Consistency Test:
10  Pressure-sensitive Shaft
10  poly (methyl methacrylate) plate (PMMA)

Conditions of Delivery

Delivery: DAP
Shipping time: by arrangement

Technical changes reserved.

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