ISO 16409 manual interdental  brushes   5.4 stem retention test


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- Simple, intuitive operation through  procedure templates, minimum
  Operator training
- Dust and splash-proof touchscreen
- Modern Design & Technology: linear guidance technology with stepper motor
  ensure high precision in distance and speed
- Independent, fully operational system,
  requires no computer and no software installation

-Verification Function

The standard ISO 16409 contains a test of the Stem Retention.

The stem of manual interdental brushes of Type 1 and Type 2 shall withstand a removal force not less than 15 N.

Insert the manual interdental brush head through the selected hole. Place the clamp on the stem. The stem
should be secured at approximately the midpoint of the interdental brush head. Pull the clamp at a pulling
speed of (20 ± 2) mm/min to remove the stem from the interdental brush handle.

The device includes a linear motion mechanism. The start and end position can be teached. The speed is freely programmable.
A limit switch allows you to check the speed with a parallel end gauge.
The device include a force sensor with 50 N 0,2%, 2000 Hz and a max. peak display.


Force Sensor      50 N 0,2%, 2 KHz
Dimension (H, W, D) ca.   400, 330, 420 mm
Weight   25 kg
Speed   00 - 60 mm/min
Distance   0 - 55 mm
Power Supply   115/230 (50/60 Hz)
Safety   EN ISO 13849-1 PL 4 / e


calibration means                             308-800-2


Stem retention test                           308-020         8.000 €

Measuring plate with xy-table         308-060          1000 €

Scope of Delivery

- 1 Device + measuring plate

- 1 Force Sensor 50 N / 2000 Hz
- 1 Power Supply 1.625A
- 1 Operating Intruction

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