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Oral Care Prüfung Test Equipment Zahnbürste Zahnnseide Dentalwerkstoffe Dentalinstrumente Brillen Spritzen Toothpaste manual Toothbrush Powerbrush Toothcleaning interproximal Brush Test Euquipment Zahnbürste Zahnpasta Handzahnbürsten elektrische Zahnbürst

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Prüfung Test Equipment Mundpflege Zahnbürsten Interdentalbürsten Zahnseide Dentalwerkstoffe Dentalinstrumente Brillen Spritzen Oral Care Prüfung Test Equipment Zahnbürste Zahnnseide Dental Material Joachim Wilhelm Engineering

This test stand is used to investigate the wear of filaments of manual and electrical toothbrushes.
The toothbrushes are loaded with a defined brushing force on a tooth dentition. The
dentition are moved in the XY axis by a motor controller. Curved paths , straight motion, circular motion, Z movement, 8- movement can be selected. The dentition can be turned to adjust various positions of the tooth surface to the brush filaments. The cleaning force is applied by weights above the brush holders. The distance of the filaments to the tooth surface can be adjusted. During the cleaning process, a tooth paste mixture is pumped above the brushes .
A tub below the 
tooth dentition can be easely cleaned.

The device has a SPS- control to entering the test parameters via touchscreen.
The cleaning motion ( curved path), stroke length, speed, cleaning cycles and test type can be adjusted.
Due to the compact construction this device is ideal for laboratory use .

Curves and processes can also be edited and managed on a PC.
The data is transferred to the PLC via an Ethernet interface.

Brush Fixture


Dimension (B,T,H) ca.   500, 500, 450 mm
Weight   65 kg
Teststations manuel Toothbrush 8
  electric Toothbrush 4
Motion   straight, circular, Z, 8
Stroke   up to  ±40 mm
Frequency   5 – 50  rpm
Load   0,1 N – 10 N
Number of Cycles   1 bis 100.000
Power Supply   230 (50 Hz)



Device   314-010          
Dentition   314-020    

Scope of Delivery

1    Device
6    Fixture manuel Brushes
4    Fixture electrical Brushes
72  Weights 200g, 100g, 50g
1    Mirrow
1    Plastic Container 5 l
1    Stirrer
1    Peristaltic Pump
1    Power Cord CEE 16A (5 m)
1    Operating Instruction

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