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Document your examinations

For the following tests we offer a PC software to document your tests.

- Stiffness ISO 22254/8627
- Image capture of the removed plaque
- Testing of deformation under pressure
- Testing of elastic recovery of the deformation
- Denture Adhesives Test
- Bridge deformation of eyeglasses ISO 12870

- Temperatur Cycle Test

- Interdental Brush

Extra software is installed on a PC. The testing device is connected to the PC via Ethernet.
In the software, customer data (address, contact data, contact person....) and production data (material, solder disc center, etc...) can be entered in a database. The entries can be defined by you in advance.
The products in the database can be linked to the customers or parameter sets  in the database, i.e. you call the customer and get all products of the customer listed.


Test parameters and sequences can be saved and managed. The test parameters can be linked to the product information and also customer data.

You start a new measurement. With this software it is possible to operate the tester remotely.
The test parameters are automatically transmitted to the controller at the beginning of the test.
The test is performed and the result is transmitted back to the PC and entered into a table.
After the entire test has been carried out, a CSV file and a non-falsifiable PDF document can be generated with the
Customer data, product data, results with static evaluation, test parameters, number of the calibration certificate of the test instrument.
Date, test time, test location.

Data Integrity

Who does what, when, how and with what?


An individual password protection is implemented for each user with username and password.
Log-in are stored. Shared Log-in are not allowed.

Different user levels or authorizations (admin/service/user/etc.) with different rights are available.

Safed, available data are taken over or given out in reports or evaluations.

Audit trails (co-documenting changes/inputs of test/parameters) contain at least the data change,
user name, date/time stamp, and reason for the change.

User doesn't have the possibility to change or delete the audittrail.

Save the logs in a non-modifiable PDF format.

Backup data to a network drive.